Meet the winners of Qualcomm & Pico XR Innovation Contest

AUG 3, 2019 Shanghai ChinaJoy — Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), announced today that 18 teams win Qualcomm & Pico XR Innovation Contest awards.

Qualcomm & Pico XR Innovation Contest aims to encourage communities to develop great contents for Qualcomm XR ecosystem, and had received more than 100 innovative projects since its April 23 Launch in China.

The winners has been announced at Qualcomm’s Chinajoy award ceremony, include 9 games and 9 App/Experiences. Ancient Chinese style multiplayer sandbox game Warring States from BeeMan Studio wins the platinum awards in Game track, and software tool for creating immersive environments Mespper from Mespper VR wins the platinum awards in App/Experience track.

Platinum Game

Warring States
By BeeMan Studio

Warring States is an ancient Chinese style multiplayer sandbox game, it’s specially designed by BeeMan Studio for mobile VR players. With virtual reality technology, it can instantly lead players into the real ancient battlefield.

As you begin to play the game, you will see an ancient style table with six types of soldiers above it, armed respectively with shield, bow, spear, cavalry, catapult and rush.

The fluttering battle flag is accompany by magnificent war music, the drums make a loud noise in the sky, the smoke fill everywhere, always let the players enjoy to fight until the final victory!

The game has friend-battle, single-player and multi-player three models. You can challenge your friends or randomly matched online players.

Platinum App/Experiences

By Mespper VR

Mespper software is a powerful tool for creating immersive environments. Can be used in training, education, communication, simulation or promotion of a wide range of activities and/or actions.It’s an relevant and memorable experience, easy, fun, agile, practical and innovative.

It allows the creation of desirable situations and environments, allowing the reproduction of realities that are intended to be altered or improved, allowing the user to make decisions, follow regulations or understand presented content better.

Gold Game

Fancy Skiing
by HashVR

Fancy Skiing is a classic VR game developed by HashVR , which simulates a real snowy mountain scene, immersing players in the ski world. In the game, the player swings the ski poles in his hand to gain power, to the left or Tilt to the right to control the direction for a powerful skiing experience. In addition, it also has a lof of surprise elements, such as the Grand Canyon, running deer, flying eagle, etc. During the skiing process, the player needs to avoid obstacles as much as possible. And collect energy stars to speed up the sprint.

Rise of The Fallen

In the virtual world of [Rise of the Fallen] you will fight 1on1 against bionically engineered opponents to recover your past memories and find out where you originally belong.

Stay online to challenge other users around the globe, Stay focused, study your opponent, use your brain, and choose your next move wisely.

You will learn how to waste you opponent while maintaining your stamina. Practice makes you prepared, and combats make you savvy.

Together VR – Werewolf
by MandrillVR

Together VR – Werewolf presents a immersive multiplayer board game experience. In this virtual world, you can immerse yourself in snowing villages, mysterious forest and play the classic board game Werewolf in customized avatars. This is not only a virtual board game center, but also a place where you can get together with friends no matter how far way they are.

Gold App/Experiences

Little Beast Fire Safety Education System
By zk-depoo

Little Beast Fire Safety Education System provides you with the complete knowledge of putting out a fire in VR. You could choose to learn it with a total VR experience or with a real extinguisher. The system is designed to improve public fire safety awareness. Also, it makes the learning process really fun so people could learn better than normal fire safety lessons.

Biological Science
by JudaoEdu

Biological Science is a VR/3D interactive educational software developed by JudaoEdu. As an tool, this software assists teachers to make more flexible, lively and effective teaching atmosphere. Biological Science also provides realistic vivid learning environment for students’ self-studying and interest-cultivating. The organized content in Biological Science is tightly connected with teaching points, and can be viewed by intuitive models. This software restores the scene of teaching points in biological science.

Party Building Pavilion
by AllenWang

The Party Building Pavilion is a virtual exhibition hall experience created by indie developer AllenWang to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The exhibition hall includes SiduChishui, Feiding Luding Bridge and Zunyi Conference, shows the hardships of Communist Party of China on the way to the liberation of New China. The pavilion displays the style of great men and leaders of the past with a realistic and comfortable scene, enables people to experience and learn the stories of great people, and helps people to understand that today’s good life doesn’t come easy.

Silver Game

Fit Ground
by YesVR

Fit Ground is a VR Game designed for fitness.When users use elliptical machines, bicycles and other fitness equipment, they can wear Pico G2 and enjoy the fantastic virtual world while exercising.The final version of Fit Ground will have five different styles of scenes with different levels of difficulty. Fit Ground not only log all of your workouts and exercise, but also rank scores, so fitness users can really challenge themselves.

Power force
by Transmind Tech

Remember the childhood arcade game of Raiden The Power Force brings you back to the happy childhood, combining traditional gameplay, VR immersive experience, arbitrary switch of three weapons, and more auxiliary props to help you win the final big boss with six consecutive battles. What are you waiting for, overcome them and become a hero.

by E.T Tech

LookLook is a leisure game designed to bring you fun and laughs. Utilizing the latest eye-tracking technology for VR, it enables the players explode the fruits “flying” towards them by searching and staring at the targets. The vivid screen and sound effects will give you an unforgettable experience!

by Mengtu

There were many weird incidents in the painter’s studio, and the police was helpless. A private detectives was send to investigate in this affair, but unexpectly, the detective was too stuck in the horrible mystery.

In Endless,You will play the role of detective, exploring the endless corrider, investigating myriad of strange studios. Seemingly the same room and studio, in fact, every change has changed. You must face supernatural scenes, overcome psychological fears, probe one room after another, gradually crack the whole puzzle, and try to escape this labyrinth.

Dwarf Tower Defense
by Cool

Dwarf Tower Defense is a VR game for tower defense. Players are transformed into a Mage in the game and need to use staff to attack the enemy. Both sides of the game regularly send troops at the same time, using the attack of the defensive tower to assist the player’s offense to win the game.

Players need to jump on the tower in the game, or move freely in the flat land, and attack the enemy’s troops to win the final victory. Some levels need you to use the terrain reasonably, and you can enter the water or climb the highlands to avoid the enemy. Both the enemy and our side have defensive towers that participate in the battle. If our defensive towers are all destroyed or the hero is defeated, the game will fail.

In the game, the touch plate controls the movement and the trigger button controls the attack. Locomotion mode include transportation and free movement. In some levels , long press the trigger button to release magic. During the battle, player can farm and upgrade to increase firing range. Plan each attack, and the right attack time will allow you to win the game faster.

Silver App/Experiences

by Cosreal

Bitsrealm is a cross-reality social network app which people create virtual worlds and custom avatars.You may upload your own avatars, hand gestures, emotes and emoji, and create virtual spaces and live events of various subjects with our UGC tools. People can chat, collaborate, do training and education, hang out and have fun with others in one virutal space no matter where they are in the real world. It’s easy to create and publish 3D content in Bitsrealm for people who don’t know much about programming and 3d graphics. People can visit Bitsrealm in XR, PC or mobile. Our vision is to build an open virtual world where people may have a second life of culture and business.

The Integration of VR knit and LeapMotion ——A Case Study of Oil Purifier Disassembly
by Ludian

Owing to the low cost, heavy oil is used widely as the main energy in contemporary shipping market. Heavy oil contains various impurities and water, therefore requests an oil purification before put into use. Yet the danger exists in the practical disassembling and cleaning, Also, professional-level proficiency is necessary for disassembly procedure. So, new apprentices have little chance to gain practical experience.

To solve the above problem, Ludian Tech. developed this app. The oil purifier disassembly based on VR knit combines Pico G2 and Leap Motion, widely enables apprentices to practice with their own hands. Leap Motion achieves real-time simulation for hand motion during the disassembly. The disassembly procedure is strictly developed by professionals. Powered by graphics and audio cues, the procedure would boost the learning efficiency of disassembling and cleaning an oil purifier.

Best Japan
by Aipano

Best Japan is a VR video about different seasons of Japan.

It will break the seasons’ limitations and take you to the Hokkaido icebreaker to enjoy the white ice world of the Sea of Okhotsk.

You will walk into the cherry blossom holy place of Yoshinoyama, watching the cherry blossoms clustered together from the foot of the mountain to the top.

There are rare little lives too. You can see the emperor penguin preening their feathers, walking leisurely with their chest up.

You can enjoy the Mysterious Mount Fuji, the mother mountain of Japan, and never to worry about the bad weather again.

Best Japan, giving you best feelings.

Hani Girl
by Escher

This VR film tells a story about life in a minority called Hani. Through VR perspective, a Hani girl’s true daily life is documented. The Hani people have lived in the land for thousnads of years. They have created the world famous “Yuanyang Terrace”,which was named on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Although the living environment in China has changed a lot, but life in Hani villages stayed the same. They may have to face the new lifestyle, but their heart stays peaceful.

Waterfall: Rescue
by Tenho

It is the third episode of the total15-episode Back to Jurassic series for children’s VR science education. This series is based on the child’s perspective and let the children enjoy their funny exploration back to Jurassic. Through interesting experiences and interaction, students can learn a variety of knowledge. At the same time, they can also use the physical experimental materials to practice what they have learnt.

This episode tells the story of a tiny dinosaur who falls from the top of a waterfall in the Jurassic era. The incident raises the topic of drowning. A flying monkey with special abilities called Tenho is there to help solve problems and explain relevant knowledge points. It will explain how to rescue a drowning victim. It will then provide interactive instructions on how to bring the dinosaur out of water. While explaining the main knowledge points, it will also introduce the waterfall and dinosaur.